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Some crazy situations are happening with Johannesburg property recently rather than the local government seems able to explain it. That is one might not be the most telling statement the fact local residents avoid getting it either certainly means something, since they are a people who figure things out on their own. It could take serious amounts of sort everything out but right now it's clear that dealing in the area property market should only be attempted using registered professionals - ones with solid reputations.
Attorneys Johannesburg

Exactly what are we discussing? Well for starters we've recently seen an illegal municipal land sale deal come to a grinding halt as allegedly corrupt attorney, Peet Viljoen has been questioned regarding his involvement within this as well as other illegal matters. We aren't clear during this period whether it was the attorney's alleged gift giving to secure work or perhaps the illegal sale of municipal land which first drew attention from investigators, but the fact that Viljoen will be investigated doesn't bode well for his clients active in the land deal.
Attorneys Johannesburg
One of the principal's from the investment group involved with purchasing land not for sale (as noted by Noseweek and the Star) is Abalengani's Zunaid Moti who insinuates how the local municipality was directly mixed up in deal to sell off municipal land at discount prices, and then re-zone said property to accommodate the requirements of the newest owners. When pressed he stated that "I am surprised that the municipality has now come along and said they do not know anything".

Naturally folks are rather disturbed and interdicts to end the sales active in the illegal deals are flooding in. Municipal authorities claim absolute ignorance stating that "Various fraudulent methods were apparently used away from JPC's control and data. Every one of the documentation used which includes arrive at our attention is fraudulent as well as the signatures found to be forged" - rather impressive skulduggery really without any inside assistance whatsoever.

That isn't the one thing making residents scrunch up their eyebrows and wave their fists up though as some Johannesburg real estate owners have woken approximately realize that their streets no more appear in the records. Apparently a mistake on the part of the City of Joburg's revenue department has witnessed a mystery number of Joburg street addresses illegally changed with no notification from the residents - go figure.

Local resident Catherine Hern stated she'd lived in Cuyler Road, Towerby, for more than Thirty years "About this past year I pointed out that the street address on my small bill had been changed to 18 Van Hulsteyn Street". She and others have had to physically locate and assist confused government employees like meter readers who were wondering the streets mystified.